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My Irish Twin

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

My sister and I are 11 months apart. She older, I like to remind her of that important info! I was so glad she asked me to take her Christmas picture. 2015 was a rough year for all of us, but for Brook and her 6 kids it’s been extra hard. Praying for you big sis and THANK YOU to my nieces and nephews for taking time out of your busy schedules to take these special pictures for your sweet mom!



sister, sister

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

I dont know what I would do without these girls! Nothing like a night with your sister and two other friends who are also sisters. It’s been rough since dad passed away but getting together with my favorite sisters was something I think Brook and I really needed. Michelle made dinner at her house with a couple bottles of Four Sisters wine!


The younger sisters….


And the old sisters!


girls night

Saturday, February 7th, 2015

my sister and I met Michelle at her house for dinner and drinks. I love both of them like crazy!


Forget your pants Friday

Friday, June 6th, 2014

My Aunt flew in from NY to see my mom for the weekend. We got to spend an afternoon with her. It was so much fun! I DID have shorts on, promise!


Mom and Aunt Mary Lee always have a great time together! Love them!


Family fun.

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

My sisters and I rarely ever get together in the same place at the same time. Over the years both of them have moved A LOT to different states, so our sister time is limited to phone calls and emails. It was fun seeing both of them and having all of our kids play together…. and having our cousin Keith photo bomb us!

Family, 2013

James, (Peyton), and Saige…. My nephews!

Family, 2013

And the Mester, Valfre, Young crew!

Family, 2013

Love them all!

family, 2013

Happy Hallo-versary!

Monday, October 31st, 2011

we woke up to rain…. so after hanging out in the condo for awhile we decided to take the boys to lunch at TREX in Downtown Disney. we had a great time! once we got there the sun came out and the rest of the day was beautiful! (we wore our Rangers shirts…. Ranger fans for Halloween? sure why not!)

halloween, florida, 2011

halloween, florida, 2011

halloween, florida, 2011

the boys loved the Dino-Dig!

halloween, florida, 2011

lunch was great…. but if you ever eat at T-Rex don’t sit in the ‘Blue Room’. Ugh!

halloween, florida, 2011

before we left we went into our favorite toy store and let the boys pick out a souvenir.
a ‘grabber’ and a ‘shooter’!

halloween, florida, 2011

when we got back to the condo the boys got dressed for the Halloween party at the pool. Bunny surprised us with caveman costumes…. she is so creative! the boys looked so cute!

halloween, florida, 2011

halloween, florida, 2011

Jayden is so attached to me lately…. this picture made me laugh. i was uploading a picture of the boys in their costumes to facebook while Jayden was squeezing my legs. it didn’t faze me at all. it’s so funny how mom’s get used to things their kids do.

halloween, florida, 2011

halloween, florida, 2011

the Halloween party was fun…. there was so much to see! the fire eating lady…. Yikes! don’t try this at home!

halloween, florida, 2011

she lasso’s too!

halloween, florida, 2011

the boys LOVED the ‘tall guy’ who made them balloon swords!

halloween, florida, 2011

halloween, florida, 2011

halloween, florida, 2011

i love my cavemen….

halloween, florida, 2011

halloween, florida, 2011

halloween, florida, 2011

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! 46 years! we love yall so much!

iphoto fun….

halloween, florida, 2011

if you build it, they will play

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

a few months ago i showed Jason this website with plans to build a play kitchen. i didnt really expect him to build it for the boys for Christmas, i just thought it was cute. but he built it, and it is total cuteness!

he went home depot and bought all of the wood and we got started a few days later. it was slow going at first. we had to cut and prime the wood.

play kitchen 2010

light blue paint, came next.

play kitchen 2010

then building, nail gunning, and more painting…. have i ever mentioned how i love watching Jason work?

play kitchen Jason 2010

play kitchen Jason 2010

my sister came in town for a few days and helped me touch up the paint and pick out hardware for the kitchen. i am so glad i had some help with it. there were SO MANY choices!

Brook play kitchen 2010

me play kitchen 2010

me kitchen 2010

and then finally, a few days later…. the eve of Christmas Eve it was ALMOST finished. it just needed a backsplash for the stove, which needed one more coat of paint. my Mom made the curtains…. i love them so much! thank you Mom!

hello cutest kitchen ever!

play kitchen 2010

twisted sisters? probably, maybe, yes

Monday, December 20th, 2010

my big sister came in town for a few days with her youngest son, Tatum. we had such a great time together and pretty much used every second of every minute we could to get things done. we did Taco Bueno not once, but twice…. there isnt a Taco Bueno in NV. that’s just all kinds of wrong!

the hustle and bustle of TB during the holidays…. nothin’ like it.

taco bueno, Brook 2010

Tatum taco bueno 2010

robots TB 2010

two girls and a baby at Lowes…. what were we up to? we weren’t real sure, but it was fun listening to Brook ask the employees a million questions. she hasn’t changed a bit since we were little.

Brook Lowes 2010

just FYI, don’t go to Toys R Us the last Saturday before Christmas unless youre in a REALLY good mood. there were so many people there that we actually lost each other. i think Brook even called me on my cell at one point asking me where I was. it was crazy fun!

toys r us 2010

Tatum TRU 2010

we passed this van on the way out of the parking lot. it pretty much sums up our Toys R Us adventure…. ‘it’s not normal’.

TRU van 2010

we were so glad to get home. poor Tatum was SO READY to play with his cousins, and Brook & I were ready for a glass of wine. (Brook let Peyton and Jayden play games on her phone…. they had never seen such a thing, so needless to say they were HOOKED.

games 2010

Daddy, Peyton, Tatum 2010

Tatum 2010

and what’s that you say? yes we did Target after the boys went to bed. we are twisted, in a fun Fisher kinda way! we were on the hunt for Christmas pajamas for all of our kids. we searched, shopped, and scored like no one’s business!

Target Brook 2010

the next day Brook and i set up a tent to hide the kitchen Jason and I are building the boys for Christmas. (it is TOTAL cuteness and i can not wait to blog about it). while we were taking turns painting it, the boys played and played.

Tatum gas station 2010

at one point while i was painting, Brook took my camera and took pictures of the boys playing. good job Brookie!

Peyton, Brook 2010

Jayden, Brook 2010

Tatum, Brook 2010

Tatum 2010

boys 2010

before our parents came over Brook sat down with Peyton and Jayden and read ‘The Elf on The Shelf’ to them. the boys love books. i think they made her read it at least three times. she is such a trooper putting up with them. she was trying to get her Christmas list together…. which by the way, is huge AND it’s color coded!

Brook, books 2010

Brook, books, boys 2010

everyone had a great time visiting…. and playing. it turned out to be a quick but great three days for all of us.

boys, playroom 2010

Tatum, rocket 2010

Mom, Brook 2010

Dad 2010

Dad, Brook 2010

boys, play 2010

Jayden, table 2010

Peyton, table 2010

Dad, Jayden 2010

Dad, Peyton 2010

Me, Brook, 2010

Brook, boys 2010

Jason, Mom 2010

boys, cats 2010

cat house 2010

Jason, Peyton 2010

Brook, Mom 2010

then it was time to say goodbye. Mom and Dad were leaving and Brook had to catch a plane back to Navada.

Dad, car 2010

Brook, Mom 2010

Brook, Dad 2010

Dad, 2010

Tatum, run 2010

me, Dad 2010

Brook, Mom, hug 2010

a great ending to a great day.

sunset 2010

Brook & Tatum | Tx. 12/2010

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

i love mommy love!
Brook and Tatum Dec. 2010

Brook and Tatum Dec. 2010

Brook and Tatum 2010

The Young Family

Friday, October 8th, 2010

The Youngs 2010


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