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Lake Fork

Sunday, February 7th, 2016

Jason surprised us with a long weekend vacation at Lake Fork. He’d been there with his dad back in the day and wanted to revisit with us.. It was a fun little get away, even if we didn’t catch as many fish as we had hoped. Like Peyton says “That’s why they call it fishing, not catching.”

And we’re off! Truck loaded up with boys, fishing poles, kayaks, and ducky!

As soon as we got there the boys were all over the place, not knowing what to do first. It was going to be an adventure for these two for sure!

Photo cred: Peyton

Our lake house for the weekend.

It didn’t take us long to get out on the lake. It was a little windy where our house was so we found a cove not too far away.
Peyton brought along his new camera and took a few pictures of his own.

(Photo by Peyton)


Peyton was excited to find two dead fish…. photo cred goes to him. yuck!

(Photo by Peyton) Love this one!

When we got home we were ready for a cook out and some hot tubbin’.

But first, a Mester party…. Watch me whip!

And, as promised, the paddle boat just HAD to be done!

The next morning we were ready to really get out on the lake. Our boat was waiting and these boys were SO READY!

It was so chilly!

It warmed up by afternoon. There was a lot of fishing but not a lot of catching. They sure did try hard though!

Photo by Peyton

Time to clean the fish…. YUCK!

And a little more paddle boat and hot tub.

Here we go again! Another early morning of fishing fun….

That hair tho!

my little stud!

Cut open a fish to find a crawdad and a baby turtle in it’s belly.

Paddle boating pros!

Jason bought a fryer when we got home, just to fry the fish. We don’t ever fry anything but OH MY GOODNESS was it good!


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