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Mester Happenings

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

The lake is still happening every chance we get…. Jayden is my lake buddy while Jason and Peyton fish, fish, fish.



When Jayden is over it he climbs on my board. Free rides with mommy!


We’ve had a few cool mornings…. these two love sitting in the window together.



Jason took out the cabinet under our wine bar and installed a wine fridge. My handy man at it again!



Ive been trying to donate things we dont need and just clean out our house a little…. Our 4th bedroom is full of stuff we don’t need anymore. I came across my wedding dress in the closet and of course I had to see if it still fit 11 years and two kids later…. I may or may not have worn it making dinner and helping with homework.


homework. 😐



Peyton is still going strong with baseball…. love how much he loves to be outside!


We took mom and Gpa to the annual koi fish show at Bass Pro…. Mom surprised Jason with a koi fish for our pond. Jason is obsessed with his fish!



This poor kitten gets no love at all….



I took a chance on a groupon for a huge canvas. I have no idea where I am going to hang it but it turned out great!


Fox 4 Costume Contest

Friday, October 17th, 2014

Fox 4 had their annual Halloween contest on tv again this year so I entered one of my favorite Halloween pictures from 2010. About an hour or so after I entered, I got a call and we won! 4 tickets to Six Flags, plus 4 wristbands to get into some of their haunted houses. I gave the wristbands to a friend, (my boys aren’t quite ready for that kind of scariness yet!) But we are really excited to go to Six Flags again! Our picture was also on channel 4. The boys were so excited to see themselves on tv! Peyton was about 5 and Jayden was 3. So cute!
Thanks Fox 4!



Monday, December 27th, 2010

the day Tracy and Scott left to go back to Illinois, the boys and i got started on taking down all of the Christmas decorations. i would like to say the boys were a huge help with getting it all down, but the more i took down the more they didn’t understand why we just couldnt keep it up all year. i promised them if they let me take it down without complaints we could hang the popcorn and cranberry garland on the trees outside.
cranberry garland, 2010

cranberry garland, Jayden, 2010

cranberry garland, me, Jayden, 2010

cranberry garland, Peyton, 2010

boys, me, 2010

after feeding the ‘backyard birds’, we moved to the front yard to hang more!

cranberry garland, 2010

Jayden, garland, 2010

Peyton, garland, 2010

me, 2010

Fisher Mester holiday

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

the day after Christmas we were invited to go to my parent’s house. Peyton and Jayden always love going to Bunny and Poppy’s, and i was ready to see my Dad since he wasn’t able to come over on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. we had a great time and the boys had fun playing with Poppy’s cars and airplanes.

my Mom always makes so much food when we visit. we are stuffed by time we are leaving! Jayden LOVES Bunny’s guacamole so much that we have to give him his own bowl…. he is a double dipper and he uses his chip as a spoon.

Jayden, Bunny Poppy's, 2010

Jayden chips 2010

Bunny, Jayden, Gpa, 2010

Poppy, Toh-Toh, 2010

Jayden 2010

it doesnt take long for Peyton and Jayden to find Poppy’s cars. their favorite is the ‘chitty chitty bang bang car’. which it isn’t really the car from the movie, but the boys like to pretend it is.

Poppy's cars, 2010

Jayden, Poppy car, 2010

Toh Toh, 2010

me and Jason, 2010

flowers, 2010

once we got home all of us went outside, although it was cold we had a great time hanging out by the fire. Peyton and Jayden love it when Jason builds a fire in the firepit. they are pretty amazed by the whole thing every time we have one.

firepit, boys 2010

gpa firepit, 2010

firepit, 2010

firepit, 2010

this was also Tracy and Scott’s last night in Texas. we are so glad they came in town for Christmas this year! Peyton and Jayden fell in love with both of them. Jayden doesnt quite understand ‘why they not come over again today?’ i love how it seems so simple for him.

Tracy, Jason, Peyton, 2010

Santa was here! | 2010

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

Peyton ran into our bedroom this morning at 5:30am saying ‘Santa was here! Mommy, Daddy wake up!’ it was so much fun hearing the excitement in his voice when we woke up. although, we made him wait about an hour before we woke Jayden. it was a great morning and so busy! it was so nice to share it with Tracy and Scott too. the boys LOVED their new kitchen and their new bikes and guitars were a total hit! they didn’t really know what to play with first.

i took A LOT of pictures, but one downfall was my speedlight decided to act weird. i didnt have time to figure out what was going on with it, so i did the best i could with what i had.

Jayden Santa 2010

Peyton Santa 2010

Christmas 2010

Peyton bike helmet 2010

Christmas 2010

Jayden bike helmet 2010

Christmas 3 2010

boys Christmas movies 2010

Peyton Christmas 2010

after unwrapping every present we could find, all of us headed outside to ride bikes and get some fresh air. it was cold, but nothing was going to stop these boys from riding their new bikes today! Peyton even let Jason and I try his new bike! fun for the whole family!

me and the boys, Christmas 2010

Christmas 6

‘me love my Buzz bike’. ‘watch me Mommy, watch me!’

Jayden Christmas bike 2010

Buzz Bike 2010

Peyton and Jayden were so happy Bunny came to visit today. although we missed Poppy, and hope he feels better soon.

Bunny Christmas Day 2010

everyone was ready to relax by the end of the day.

Gpa & Jayden Christmas 2010

hope all of you had a Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve | 2010

Friday, December 24th, 2010

Jason’s sister and brother-in-law came in town from Illinois to celebrate Christmas with us. We woke up to a cold, rainy day so we decided to take them to Bass Pro Shop since Scott is a big hunter. It was nice getting out of the house, and to our surprise it wasnt as crowded as we thought it would be.

Christmas Eve 2010

Jayden four wheeler Christmas Eve 2010

Jayden Christmas Eve 2010

as we were shopping we ran into Santa. Peyton ran over and gave him a big hug.

Peyton & Santa 2010

he hung out with us for a little while as we looked at the boats. Peyton wouldnt leave his side. there is no telling what he told Santa!

Peyton and Santa 2010

both boys had fun pretending to cook fish (which were really fish shaped lighters) on the grill. it made me excited about the kitchen they asked for this year!

Peyton and Jayden Bass Pro Shop

Peyton and Jayden were hungry and getting tired, so we went home while Jason and his family stayed to shop a little longer.

bear BPS 2010

after naps we made cookies, watched movies and spent time with Aunt Tracy & Uncle Scott.

Peyton and Jayden Christmas Eve 2010

Tracy, Scott, Gpa Christmas 2010

Christmas cookies 2010

Christmas cookies 2010

cookies for Santa, carrots for the reindeer, and a small piece of cake just incase Santa wanted something different.

Santa cookies 2010

while Peyton and Jayden were taking a bath, Elfafin left them a goodbye note saying he would be leaving with Santa tonight. Elfafin also left them a few presents. they were so excited about their new pajamas and couldnt wait to read their new book ‘The Night Before Christmas’ when it was time for bed.

Christmas Eve pjs 2010

Peyton, Jayden 2010

Tracy, boys, Gpa Christmas 2010

Peyton, Tracy Christmas Eve 2010

finally it was time to feed the reindeer, read our new book, and get to bed so Santa could visit!

reindeer food 2010

reindeer food 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve book 2010

if you build it, they will play

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

a few months ago i showed Jason this website with plans to build a play kitchen. i didnt really expect him to build it for the boys for Christmas, i just thought it was cute. but he built it, and it is total cuteness!

he went home depot and bought all of the wood and we got started a few days later. it was slow going at first. we had to cut and prime the wood.

play kitchen 2010

light blue paint, came next.

play kitchen 2010

then building, nail gunning, and more painting…. have i ever mentioned how i love watching Jason work?

play kitchen Jason 2010

play kitchen Jason 2010

my sister came in town for a few days and helped me touch up the paint and pick out hardware for the kitchen. i am so glad i had some help with it. there were SO MANY choices!

Brook play kitchen 2010

me play kitchen 2010

me kitchen 2010

and then finally, a few days later…. the eve of Christmas Eve it was ALMOST finished. it just needed a backsplash for the stove, which needed one more coat of paint. my Mom made the curtains…. i love them so much! thank you Mom!

hello cutest kitchen ever!

play kitchen 2010

Christmasy things

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

everyone has their own family traditions…. some of ours have started out as just little things we thought might be fun, but turned into little things we do every year.

we have a lego advent calendar/train we fill every year with the same lego pieces. it didnt come with the train but the pieces fit pretty well and look better sitting on the train than in the lego box they come in.

lego advent calendar train 2010

we also have our little crafts, which aren’t always the same every year, but nonetheless they’re fun! plus our annual picture with Santa. who wouldnt want a picture with Santa every year?

we got a letter from Santa this year! it was so much fun for the boys. THANK YOU SANTA!

crafts and letters from Santa 2010

Christmas crafts 2010

Peyton made lots of things in pre-school, which are proudly hanging throughout our house. one of the things he made was his very own advent calendar. we cut off a little tab every day for the month of December. it’s really cute and he was so excited to do it every day. Jayden liked it so much that we made him one too. it was such a fun thing for the boys to do! it also had both of them counting the tabs every day. i am so proud of their counting skills.

advent calendar 2010

and my favorite craft we have been making every year since Peyton’s first Christmas…. footprint snowmen. i LOVE these every time we make them!

snowman feet 2010

and of course there is baking, family, company, and fun!

baking 2010

baking 2010

Jason's family Christmas 2010

boys Christmas 2010

Sammie Christmas 2010

apparently the new fun is building ‘junk yards’ in the back yard.

junk yard 2010

junk yard 2010

boys junk yard 2010

junk yard 2010

Peyton Christmas 2010

Jayden Christmas 2010

Peyton Christmas 2010

boys Christmas 2010

Jayden Christmas 2010

and the best part of the day…. seeing two tired little boys watch a Christmas movie with their warm snuggly blankies.
boys Christmas 2010

twisted sisters? probably, maybe, yes

Monday, December 20th, 2010

my big sister came in town for a few days with her youngest son, Tatum. we had such a great time together and pretty much used every second of every minute we could to get things done. we did Taco Bueno not once, but twice…. there isnt a Taco Bueno in NV. that’s just all kinds of wrong!

the hustle and bustle of TB during the holidays…. nothin’ like it.

taco bueno, Brook 2010

Tatum taco bueno 2010

robots TB 2010

two girls and a baby at Lowes…. what were we up to? we weren’t real sure, but it was fun listening to Brook ask the employees a million questions. she hasn’t changed a bit since we were little.

Brook Lowes 2010

just FYI, don’t go to Toys R Us the last Saturday before Christmas unless youre in a REALLY good mood. there were so many people there that we actually lost each other. i think Brook even called me on my cell at one point asking me where I was. it was crazy fun!

toys r us 2010

Tatum TRU 2010

we passed this van on the way out of the parking lot. it pretty much sums up our Toys R Us adventure…. ‘it’s not normal’.

TRU van 2010

we were so glad to get home. poor Tatum was SO READY to play with his cousins, and Brook & I were ready for a glass of wine. (Brook let Peyton and Jayden play games on her phone…. they had never seen such a thing, so needless to say they were HOOKED.

games 2010

Daddy, Peyton, Tatum 2010

Tatum 2010

and what’s that you say? yes we did Target after the boys went to bed. we are twisted, in a fun Fisher kinda way! we were on the hunt for Christmas pajamas for all of our kids. we searched, shopped, and scored like no one’s business!

Target Brook 2010

the next day Brook and i set up a tent to hide the kitchen Jason and I are building the boys for Christmas. (it is TOTAL cuteness and i can not wait to blog about it). while we were taking turns painting it, the boys played and played.

Tatum gas station 2010

at one point while i was painting, Brook took my camera and took pictures of the boys playing. good job Brookie!

Peyton, Brook 2010

Jayden, Brook 2010

Tatum, Brook 2010

Tatum 2010

boys 2010

before our parents came over Brook sat down with Peyton and Jayden and read ‘The Elf on The Shelf’ to them. the boys love books. i think they made her read it at least three times. she is such a trooper putting up with them. she was trying to get her Christmas list together…. which by the way, is huge AND it’s color coded!

Brook, books 2010

Brook, books, boys 2010

everyone had a great time visiting…. and playing. it turned out to be a quick but great three days for all of us.

boys, playroom 2010

Tatum, rocket 2010

Mom, Brook 2010

Dad 2010

Dad, Brook 2010

boys, play 2010

Jayden, table 2010

Peyton, table 2010

Dad, Jayden 2010

Dad, Peyton 2010

Me, Brook, 2010

Brook, boys 2010

Jason, Mom 2010

boys, cats 2010

cat house 2010

Jason, Peyton 2010

Brook, Mom 2010

then it was time to say goodbye. Mom and Dad were leaving and Brook had to catch a plane back to Navada.

Dad, car 2010

Brook, Mom 2010

Brook, Dad 2010

Dad, 2010

Tatum, run 2010

me, Dad 2010

Brook, Mom, hug 2010

a great ending to a great day.

sunset 2010

Brook & Tatum | Tx. 12/2010

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

i love mommy love!
Brook and Tatum Dec. 2010

Brook and Tatum Dec. 2010

Brook and Tatum 2010


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