So, it’s been awhile

Here we are again and it’s been forever since I emptied my phone! I cant believe how fast the days go! Anyway, back in August Peyton turned 11, school started, and we’ve been busy! These pictures are not in any order whatsoever!

We helped our church hand out free t-shirts…. Fun for the whole family!

Peyton made a ramp in the backyard to jump his bike and scooter. I told him he needed to protect himself, so this happened….

Falling has never been so funny!

Did I post this cousin picture already? I don’t know but Happy Birthday Peyton, 6 months ago!

Apparently we had Peyton blow out candles on his pancakes…. Happy Bday, again!

Family game night.

Hot tub fun.

Jayden joined a summer basketball league with his buddies. They had a blast and did awesome.

Technology playdate…. I don’t get it.

And snacks for the 3rd graders.

This is the kind of playdate I DO understand!

Guess where we’re headed….

Go Rangers!

Have I mentioned we had our master bath remodeled? Super fun.

Our shower is greatness!

When you get home from a Chuck E Cheese party.

One of my favorite part of the holidays is pumpkin spice. Loving Target for this!

Date night at a new restaurant, Craft & Crab!

So good!

I just love having my favorite people over! Always a great time!

I also love how close my mom and Jason’s dad are.

Michelle and I love antique shopping and refurbishing things for our house. Someday we will have time to open a store and antique shop for a living. A girl can always dream! Michelle made this shirt for our future biz. Although the name MAY BE changed to Pretty Chippy…. There is video, and it’s super.

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