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School has officially started

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

but the summer fun is still going strong!

Then homework happened.

Thankfully this year our school has a “no homework policy”. There will only be homework if they don’t finish their work in class or if there is a test, or something. Anyway, I’m as excited as the boys are about this!

So for us it means, more playdates!

Happy 11th Birthday! (and first day of 5th and 3rd grade)

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

Such a bummer but Peyton’s birthday was on the first day of school (his 5th grade year). He had his birthday on the first day of kindergarten too. Feels like yesterday this boy was heading off to Kinder and now he’s entering his last year of elementary school. Ugh

This is what six years looks like….

1st day of Kindergarten (and 6th birthday)

1st day of 5th (and 11th birthday)

That’s about how fast it goes too. Ugh I’m dying inside. This boy is everything you pray your child will be and more. But moving on…. We woke him up with his traditional cupcake, then rushed out the door for 1st day craziness.

I missed all of them like I always do the first day, (weeks) of school. But they had a great first day and were ready to get home and open presents. Lots of Legos, fishing stuff, and cologne…. he’s 11 and asked for cologne. Help.

Happy 11th Birthday sweet Peyton!

Celebrating Peyton, with cousins!

Friday, August 19th, 2016

It’s cousin party time! We invited my sister and her kids to come over for a small party. They had fun and as usual my sister snuck in all kinds of sugar and fun in tiny little bags. It’s always a party when Aunt Brook is around!

Wine, Lemonade, and cupcakes! The makings of a great party with family!

Brook also brought everyone silly string. They had a blast!

Thank you sweet cousins!

A Six Flags, 11th, Slumber Party

Thursday, August 18th, 2016

Peyton decided he would rather have a few friends spend the night and go to six flags rather than have a big swim party like we’ve done in the past. All of the boys used free six flags passes from reading awards from school, so it worked out perfect. It was HOT but so much fun for all of us!

Just hangin’ with the cool kids, and sweating like crazy!

Everyone was ready for some pool time, food, cake, and a movie when we got home.

And finally, CAKE!

Jason and I have no idea how late they stayed up, but whatever they did, they must have had fun because they were worn out the next morning.

A donut breakfast for six growing boys!

It was such a fun night and all of them were so good! Happy 11th Peyton!

11 is big, and got here way too fast

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

Our first born is suddenly turning 11, in 5th grade and tall, like really tall! I knew our kids would be, I mean Jason and I are pretty tall ourselves but to see your child grow into a (dare I say), young man is really strange, but awesome. He’s everything you’d hope your preteen could be, sweet, respectful, polite, caring…. yes I could go on for days about him, being his “mom” and all. Yes I am proud of him, even through the preteen attitude that comes with double digits, I love this boy and wouldn’t change him one bit.

The days of being called “Mommy” are numbered now and it kills me. He’s “cool” like that. I’m “mom” when his friends are around, and he’s starting to walk a few steps in front of us when we’re out. It’s ok though. I get it. Jason and I will soon be uncool and probably some kind of embarrassment. I mean isn’t that our job as parents? On most days though, when it’s just us, I’m still Mommy, he still hugs on me and holds my hand.

Our little boy, the one who made us parents and who made us think “what were we thinking” the first few weeks of his life. Our first born, growing up and doing it really well! We’ve done a pretty good job for two people who had no idea what to do with a baby, toddler, or preteen! Every day is new and my heart is full when I think of how lucky we are that God picked us to be his parents. For knowing we would get through those sleepless nights and learn to love our new normal. For the title of Mommy & Daddy, and our soon to be preteen title of “Mom & Dad”.

Happy 11th Birthday sweet Peyton! We love you so much!
Mommy & Daddy

11th Birthday Warrior Style

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

Peyton really wanted to share his birthday with his baseball team so we talked to coach about having a party at The Warrior indoor facility, The Coliseum. Coach not only agreed, he came to referee the whole thing. The boys had a blast having a Nerf war, playing dodge ball, and of course a little Sandlot for some down time between games. Such a fun party!

Happy 11th Birthday Peyton!


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