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My “real” camera roll

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

Ok so I have been the worst at keeping up with my blog and going through my “real” camera roll on my Nikon. Darn phones for being so easy! Anyway, I’ve just decided to go through my folders and post my “real” pics before time gets away from me.

They are random so bare with me.

I just adore these two pics. I took the same one with my iPhone but I have to say there is something about that “real” camera that you just can’t get from a phone.

These two, twinning cracks me up. Mom and daughter. Who’s who?

We still find the kittens in the most interesting places.

So we finally upgraded our playset…. The boys were reluctant to give this one up but they are pretty thrilled with their new fort. (The third child is Zach. The boys and him were inseparable this summer.)

Slip N SLide fun!

Summer friends.

Swimming with mommy.

and movies in our bed. I have several more folders to get to on my computer. Coming soon!

Birthday, birthday, birthday!

Saturday, June 25th, 2016

June is a busy month for birthdays in my family so we all try our best to get together and celebrate each other before the month gets away from us. My birthday and my moms’ fell right in the middle of Peyton’s World Series so squeezing in party time was hard but we made it work. I LOVE celebrating with my mom every year! She (obviously) makes me laugh A LOT!

Jason and the boys always make it fun, waking up to breakfast and presents!

Off to the ballpark again!

A Happy sweaty Birthday to me! Go Warriors!

Cooling off with my sweet boys after the game.

Nothing like a cool bev with your besties on your birthday!

Ok maybe more than one

Happy Birthday to me!

We also celebrated my sisters birthday with dinner, drinks, and a show a few days later.

World Series, Warriors in action

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

I took pictures of some of the games. At times we were all on edge and no one was moving to even breathe. These boys played hard! All of us are so proud!

My little assistant!

We Are Warriors!!!

Warrior World Series, 2016

Monday, June 20th, 2016

We were so pumped for The Warriors first World Series! We are a triple A team now! Love our Warrior family!

Coach gave them “homework”…. take a shower, eat a good dinner, write down three baseball goals for yourself, and get some rest! Proud to say Peyton got right to it all when we got home.

Four days of crazy hot baseball! Jason had to work one morning so it was just me and the boys for one of the games. Jason met up with us for the afternoon.

A lunch break between games!

All of the teams get towels, and have pins they can trade with other teams to collect. Love this tradition!

Peyton got one of the game balls! He did awesome!

So much fun!

Great job Warriors!

Peyton celebrated the end of his World Series by jumping in the pool in full uniform!

The Amazing Race

Friday, June 17th, 2016

I entered Jason and Peyton in The Amazing Race contest at Parr Park this summer. We love the show and Grapevine offered it as a father/son event. It was a blast to watch and they did great running to eleven countries set up around the park! They came in 3rd! It was HOT but totally worth sweating it out.
Good job Mesters!

June & some of July through my iphone

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

The last day of school came and went, and then the real fun started! Parties and playdates galore!

They see me rollin’

Cleaning out backpacks is always an adventure at the end of the school year…. 8 z-bars, a few party invitations, another child’s awards, Legos, and a billion papers!

Jayden had a blast at VBS with all of us best buddies!

Happy Birthday Grandpa! Yes my oldest is in footie pjs in June. Why? Because he’s 10 and he can I guess.

Ranger games and dinner by the pool.

An early birthday present for me…. it’s fun for the whole family really!

more playdates….

Trent and Ranger!

We watched this mama duck lead her babies down the street, it was the sweetest thing ever!

The kittens are getting so big and yes, still living in our backyard.

These two! Shay loves Ranger’s water and Ranger loves Shay’s cat food. They do this every morning!

Rough life.

The places we find the kittens are hilarious!




Basketball camp with the best!

SUP with the best!

Father’s day with the best!

This boy and his summer book club!

Their first Slurpees! Mom goals!


Compass Church preteen night at the Ranger game!

He likes to cook his own dinners…. We are not allowed in the kitchen when this happens. Mr. Independent!

And this, From Peyton:

Last Day of 2nd & 4th grade

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

I seriously can’t believe these two boys are finishing 2nd and 4th grade. Third is when kids start to become big kids somehow…. and 5th? Don’t even get me started on how big that is! Peyton will be the head of the school next year. What?!

Anyway these two weren’t excited about the last day of school or anything. This is what happens when I ask for a last day picture from them now….

And because they love me, I eventually get the picture I ask for.

I did the comparison first day, last day side by side on Instagram. My babies are not babies anymore that is for sure!


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