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Callie’s College Graduation!

Friday, May 13th, 2016

We took a half day for the boys and Jason today so we could drive out to UNT to see my cousin Callie graduate. She cheered at UNT for four years and is graduating! We were so excited for her. There was a small party at my cousin’s house in Robson Ranch afterwards. Such a fun day!

Love this girl!


April & May through my iphone

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

Our back porch is full of kittens and it’s still the cutest thing ever.

I finally got to come home after 5 long boring days in the hospital. My arm is almost back to it’s normal skinny self but I am on antibiotics for another week. Jason knows how bad I am at keeping up with medicine so he was kind enough to help me out with this special coding.

I especially like the smiley face for pain meds!

OC Taylor had their 30th anniversary. My mom was there when they opened the school and she was one of the first people Jason met when he drove in from Illinois to work at OCT. Little did we all know he would be a huge part of our lives. Mom and Jason have the best friendship!

Aunt Marylee came in town to visit for two weeks. It was so much fun having her here! My mom and her are the cutest sisters ever!

Kitten craziness, always!

My brother and sister in law sent us this AWESOME flag from California. They eat dinner at the Beach Comber Café on special date nights and love the cafe’s tradition of raising the flag so much that they sent us our very own to raise in Texas.

The countdown to summer is ON!

Can’t get this man away from his Egg!

Last day of Running Club…. It was a paint run!

My boys and Zack from down the street terrorize the neighborhood on a daily basis. This neighborhood hasn’t seen kids in a while so I’m hoping the boys aren’t too much for them. Pulling your buddy on the back of a bike? What could possible go wrong?

Double play dates, and movies & popcorn.

Mother’s Day service at church with my mom. The best!

My cousin Callie graduated from UNT. So Proud of her!

It’s almost that time again! We love our kayaks and SUP board!

We now have a storm shelter thanks to my boys and Zack, my third child.

Jayden rocking it at flag football! His first touchdown was made this season! Good job Jay!

Love this team! Good job Rattlers!

My THREE boys!

You can’t get a cat fixed if she is still nursing so I put a baby onesie on her. Whatever works, right?

Our first veggies of the season!

Sweet babies! We got all of the kittens fixed, as ferals because they are technically wild cats and because it’s free. The only difference is they ear tip them after they fix them. We gave away one kitten and have no idea what we are doing with the rest of them. They are getting bigger and I was worried about them multiplying.

I bought Jason and rain barrel for our anniversary. We love this thing!

What do you do when you find a coffin on the side of the road? You get your selfie stick and call you friends!

The jig was up about a week later…. we had all kinds of plans of taking it, using it for Halloween, or playing jokes on our friends. Isn’t that was all soccer moms do?

Gearing up for another OCT Field Day with Daddy!

Another one under wraps! Thank you Coach Mester!

The annual field day wind down!

We took the family to see The Jungle Book. It was such a cute movie! And a little fun on the way in….

Celebrating Michelle’s birthday at RA in Southlake.

2nd grade awards! Great job Jayden!

4th grade awards! Great job Peyton!

Last minute teacher gifts…. The last week went fast!


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