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Sky Ranch, 2016

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

I was in so much pain the night before Peyton left for camp that every time Jayden saw me do anything all he would say is “it’s just so sad!’. I have to admit I was a pretty good sport about the neighbor’s cat biting me but I can’t tell you the pain I was in. It was horrible! I went to the doctor the morning after it happened, and by that night my arm was huge. I knew I had to go to the ER but I wanted to wait until we got Peyton off to camp. I also didn’t want him worrying about me if I had to stay in the hospital.

Jason took a personal day, so as soon as Peyton was off to school with the rest of the 4th grade and we went straight to the ER. I was admitted and ended up staying for five days. ugh.

I can’t believe how big my arm was!

When I texted my mom friends who were at Sky Ranch they were the sweetest! Sending pictures of everything Peyton was doing. I was in the hospital the whole time he was at camp, plus a few days. I loved seeing the pictures everyone texted me. Peyton was having a blast.

Peyton and his buddy sent these two, they were on the bus and SO excited! Peyton never knew I was in the hospital until he got home.

Learning so much already!

Meanwhile back at the hospital…. We waited in the ER lobby for a couple of hours, then got moved to an ER room while they got me a real room set up. Jason brought Jayden to the hospital after school. Little Jayden always such a trooper and of course “It’s just so sad Mommy!” Gotta love him!

Camp pictures were flooding in and I LOVED it! I love my OCT moms!

I had Jason bring my oils. I couldn’t take it anymore. (Every nurse and doctor who walked into my room commented on the smell.) Thieves, so much better than hospital smell.

More Sky Ranch fun!

Learning so much!

Peyton had a blast and came to see me as soon as he got off the bus from camp. Poor thing was worn out. I stayed in the hospital a couple days longer, but they visited every chance they got. Love my three guys!

I also love my friends and family for coming to see me, sending gifts and flowers. I was hooked up to all kinds of IVs but they made sure I didn’t starve or bore myself to death. Love, love all of you! Also, so thankful for our church and their online campus!!!

We were all relieved to find out the cat was up to date on her rabies shot. Jason and the boys went down to the street to talk to the neighbor about her cat. Turns out the cat is really sweet but has a dark side. Ya think? It was in quarantine for 10 days and thank goodness doesn’t have any diseases or anything. We had NO IDEA cats could do such damage with one cat bite. I had to see a hand specialist and had my arm wrapped for a few weeks. Also lots of antibiotics….. Not a fun ride, and I will always think twice about other people’s cats now even if they rub around my legs like sweet cats do. NO! NO THANKS!

IPhone, April

Friday, April 29th, 2016

I had forgotten Peyton took a picture of Jason and I together at Cross Timbers on our 12th anniversary…. Twelve years has flown!

Seriously one of the best days ever!

Celebrating Easter with my mom, eating, drinking, talking. Love her!

Jayden finished his first flag football season. So much fun!

This was taken right after we found them in our garage. We are in so much trouble. Cuteness overload!

Our cat is fixed but this little one looks almost exactly like him. Hmmm.

Because cats need to know all things ipad.

Jayden’s 2nd grade class went to the Dallas Aquarium. A fun day for all!

And again, kittens. We got use out of our baby gate again. It is the perfect size to keep the kittens safe in the garage. I was a little more than paranoid about them falling into the pool. It happened to a litter of kittens when I was little. Ugh.

Mama cat definitely knew what she was doing when she picked our house to dump her babies. Goodness they are spoiled!

Shay, we have questions….

There’s definitely a resemblance!

Tired of cat pictures yet?

cat fort!

Anyway, flowers for me at pick up make this mommy happy!

And (almost summer) haircuts finally happened….

Baseball and football practice at The Coliseum.

And the dreaded day I picked up my neighbors cat and it got spooked…. It started swelling and hurt like you know what, as soon as she bit me. This cat went from sweet to evil within seconds. Ugh.

Happy 12th Anniversary to us!

Sunday, April 10th, 2016

Who would have thought 12 years later we would be waking up to an early baseball tournament for our 10 year old! We had to eat a quick breakfast then rush out the door and since the tournament was just down the street from Cross Timbers Winery, (where we were married) we made a quick stop to jump the small fence to take a 12 year picture in the gazebo where it all started.


I have been so bad about blogging that I forgot to mention we had a stray cat show up at our house. She had been showing up around dinner time every day and then leaving for the night. We started giving her cat food, since we had some and because she looked so skinny. Plus I could tell she probably had just had a litter of kittens because you just know when you see a mama cats tummy that something is up. She’s a sweet girl and the boys love her. We call her #2. (Jason had a cat named #7 when he was little, so it at least makes sense to one of us).


Anyway, after a long morning of Peyton’s baseball tournament we headed back home to relax by the pool, and came home to find 5 kittens in our garage! Best anniversary present ever! I swear they were sent here from my dad! Perfect timing and the sweetest little faces ever!

Jayden fell in love with one of the black and white ones. At this time we have no idea what we are going to do. Probably give them away, but for now we are not speaking of it!


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