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March 30th, 2016

I officially earned mom of the year by watching Peyton’s baseball game from my car. Because it was raining and because, rain.

With the rain, brings out the worms, which these boys LOVE!

This one loves the softest pants I own. Which by the way he can totally pull this look off! I have no idea what they are made out of but theyre so soft and comfortable he wears them to bed sometimes.

Our favorite local honey spot! Put this on grilled chicken, among other things, it is amazing and good for you!

This poor cat! He lets the boys do anything to him.

Jayden had his “student led” conference. He was a little nervous but did really well. Good job Jaydeu! (his nickname at home)

His “All about me” poster. So cute!

The picture of his MLK speech is my favorite!


Jayden loves his mac & cheese and now asks to make it by himself…. No I don’t make homemade mac & cheese. Somewhere along the way I got over it and he’s still alive.

They love playing with their hot wheels.

sweet Shay.

visitors in our pool.

Open house came and went…. how is it possible we are about to wrap up the school year already? Showing daddy his virtual report through his school ipad. Amazing!

And Peyton’s turn! We are so proud of both boys! Ready for 3rd and 5th? WHAT!!!

I can’t even with these two….

Lake Fork

March 30th, 2016

Jason surprised us with a long weekend vacation at Lake Fork. He’d been there with his dad back in the day and wanted to revisit with us.. It was a fun little get away, even if we didn’t catch as many fish as we had hoped. Like Peyton says “That’s why they call it fishing, not catching.”

And we’re off! Truck loaded up with boys, fishing poles, kayaks, and ducky!

As soon as we got there the boys were all over the place, not knowing what to do first. It was going to be an adventure for these two for sure!

Photo cred: Peyton

Our lake house for the weekend.

It didn’t take us long to get out on the lake. It was a little windy where our house was so we found a cove not too far away.
Peyton brought along his new camera and took a few pictures of his own.

(Photo by Peyton)


Peyton was excited to find two dead fish…. photo cred goes to him. yuck!

(Photo by Peyton) Love this one!

When we got home we were ready for a cook out and some hot tubbin’.

But first, a Mester party…. Watch me whip!

And, as promised, the paddle boat just HAD to be done!

The next morning we were ready to really get out on the lake. Our boat was waiting and these boys were SO READY!

It was so chilly!

It warmed up by afternoon. There was a lot of fishing but not a lot of catching. They sure did try hard though!

Photo by Peyton

Time to clean the fish…. YUCK!

And a little more paddle boat and hot tub.

Here we go again! Another early morning of fishing fun….

That hair tho!

my little stud!

Cut open a fish to find a crawdad and a baby turtle in it’s belly.

Paddle boating pros!

Jason bought a fryer when we got home, just to fry the fish. We don’t ever fry anything but OH MY GOODNESS was it good!

Preteen mission trip!

March 28th, 2016

I’m still so thrown off when our church says PRETEEN when talking about Peyton. It’s crazy and I just can’t wrap my head around it, but Peyton loves doing everything with our church. The overnight trips are the best!

Hugs for little brother…. lol

Jayden loves having alone time with Jason and I, but he really misses Peyton when he’s gone.

Happy Loving Day

March 28th, 2016

Waking up to Valentine candy, cupcakes, and Target gift cards! Yes I was out of ideas for these two. Seems the older they get their interests in toys change daily. I just can’t keep up sometimes.


They are loving all things football right now so it was day full of this….

My sweet Valentines!


Loving Day (Vday) school Parties

March 25th, 2016

I am co-homeroom mom for Jayden’s 2nd grade class. One of my good friends is the other homeroom mom and a lot better at it than I am, thank you Michelle! She was unable to make it to the Vday party so I was in charge. It went well, considering my plan was to sugar them up then send them home. Isn’t that what the kids want? Unfortunately I couldn’t be at Peyton’s party, but (un)fortunately for Jayden (depending on how he sees it) I was all over the place at his party.

Crafts, candy, ice cream sundaes, and valentines…. I say it was a success! (except for the picture taking…. I got about two at Jay’s party and one at Peytons’) Thankfully one of the moms at Ps party texted me a few.

Peyton’s party seemed like it went well. He was all smiles as I ran in for once second to take a picture.

I did manage to take selfies with my sweet boys! (and teacher gifts)

Thank you for the party texts Laura!

my explorers

March 25th, 2016

Jason and I love seeing our boys being “boys”, like back in the day, no electronics and just being outside doing whatever they want. We try to find ponds and new places for them to explore. There is a new housing development going up by our house. It has THE BEST little ponds. It’s a shame it will be full of houses soon. We sneak out there as much as we can. Setting the crawdad trap and letting the boys do their thing.

Peyton has no fear when it comes to exploring, Jayden is our forever cautious one…. We are thankful for both, one looking after the other is always a good thing!

Peyton our little fisherman….

And Jayden our explorer…. If Jason could have it his way he’d move all of us out of the burbs and back to the country. He’s a country boy at heart and always will be. There are days I am right there with him.

I have an Iphone picture prob

January 25th, 2016

My phone is so full of pictures from the last month…. they are random, so bare with me.
It’s crazy how fast this little kitten grew and how much we love him!

4 weeks old & 9 months old

Shay, is that you?

Shay and Ranger are the sweetest friends….

He lets the boys do anything and everything with him. Such a patient little cat!

He loves Gpa too!

Ranger love

Shay’s new thing…. drinking Ranger’s water, and napping in his cage.

Baseball season is right around the corner so we are gearing up for another season of select with the Warriors!

4th grade math…. the struggle is real!

Walk/Ride to school day…. Always a favorite for these two!

Well deserved Ipad time with ducky and fluffy duck….

Netflix movies at Bunny’s house….

OCT lunch with these cuties!

Fishing fun!

Uncle Jimmy came in town for a couple of weeks. So good to see him and catch up!

Fun with Daddy!

A well deserved date night. Both boys were on sleepovers so we took full advantage of our night out. It was the first time we had ever been without the boys and alone in 10 years! CRAZY!

Jayden had a sleepover with a few of his best buddies…. I got a few pictures from Tiffany from the “best sleepover ever” as Jayden called it.

I texted Tiffany telling here I hope she was at least drinking and she sent this back to me. Love her!

Apparently all of us moms think alike in the pj department! Hilarious!

Jayden came home the next morning and passed out on the couch….

Peyton passed out on the way home in the car….

I looked across the library and laughed how Peyton was blending in with the chair…. camo doing it’s job!

pizza and cats, nothing better!

I give my brother and sister in law a hard time about this little olive bowl they gave me. I love it and now I find myself at olive bars in all of the local markets every weekend!

Sweet big brother tying shoes….

More fishing fun!

Jayden woke up with a headache and feeling dizzy so I let him stay home and rest…. diffusing of course!

I really cant believe how big Peyton is getting! It is crazy how tall he is!

More party time with friends! This time at the movies! Busy boys!

Alone time with my oldest!

Football pizza from Papa Murphys, our favorite!

My Valentine present came early! I love my windmill…. (and our new Mester Made farmhouse table!)

It’s Vday box time again! Peyton’s, the football field and a storm trooper for Jayden. Thanks for the ideas again Pinterest!

I was having a really hard time missing my dad. I had a dream about him and woke up just feeling sad. I wanted to talk to him and see him. It’s so hard some days. Anyway, I went to get the mail that same day and I got the third grief book from my church. It couldn’t have come on a better day. I so needed it! Thank you God, and Dad!

Who knew?

January 1st, 2016

My friend Michelle bought us 4 passes to the local indoor ice skating rink for Christmas. Jason and I weren’t sure how this was all going to go down. One, because we’ve never been ice skating before and two, because we’re just old and afraid to fall! We figured the boys would either be over it once they fell or got too cold…. but all of us had a great time!

I was so impressed with the boys! Both of them knew what to do as soon as they got out there. We had fun with the “walker”. The boys would go as fast as they could then spin around.

It was such a good time for all of us! We took lots of video too.
Thank you Michelle! It was super fun!

Happy New Year!

December 31st, 2015

I didn’t really want 2015 to end. It’s the year my dad died and I just wasn’t looking forward to starting a new year without him here. But like my dad always taught me…. you have to get up and do what you need to do, and live your life. So, Jason and I went to an early dinner then did our favorite New Years thing and stayed in with our boys.


Sushi Zushi is so good!


And the party people…. making a wish with our annual New Year cupcakes. (in bed by 9:00). #wouldnthaveitanyotherway


Merry Christmas!

December 25th, 2015

Peyton climbed into our bed about 6:00am, and around 6:30 he couldn’t take the excitement anymore so we let him wake Jayden up. They both came into our room saying “We didn’t peek, but we think we saw bikes!” They were pretty patient waiting in our room for Jason to start the coffee, and turn on the Christmas music.

Christmas, 2015

Time to let loose!

Santa did good! Lots of fishing supplies and Star Wars toys. The boys look so tired!

Jayden was so excited to get a “fluffy duck”!

Peyton loves his new Under Armour fishing cap and video drone!

Shay and Ranger loved playing in the mess….

It’s pj bike riding time!

The boys rode their bikes and played with everything Santa brought them most of the day. That afternoon my mom and Grandpa came over. It was a really good Christmas, and I’m so glad we got through it together. The anticipation of spending a Christmas without dad was really hard, but it turned out to be a good day.

Watch out for the video drone!

Thank you for the Illinois shirts Aunt Tracy and Uncle Scott!

Jayden LOVES the Star Wars Risk game Bunny!

Merry Christmas!


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