February 16th, 2017

This is my mom’s first time to visit Florida without my dad. This was also the trip we would officially say goodbye to him. Mom brought his ashes with her, and the required papers to go along with it. This is all still so unreal! I am so proud of her for planning all of this on her own. She wanted to make sure she was on the same flight as us. She was nervous about so many things but she did really well.

Waiting at the airport. I love how the boys still get excited about Florida, even though we have been a thousand times.

They were also excited to find out there was a (very small) Gas Monkey shop at DFW.

These two, so sweet! Here we go!


We made it! Check in is never fun for them but they found some friends to keep them busy….

We had some pool time when we got settled then another full day at the pool on Sunday. I’m surprised by the amount of pictures I did NOT take, and 99% of them were with my phone. Which honestly is fine with me.

The only pool pic I have for the whole weekend….

Monday we went to Magic Kingdom. Always a great time!
Yup we are THAT family! We did two parks each day.

The whole week was full of shopping, Disney, pool, Disney, family time, and MORE DISNEY!

The photopass pics are hilarious!

Animal Kingdom!

Downtown Disney…. The boys could spend all night here!

making light sabors.

A MUST every time we come here!

weird statue people.

awesome new classic car/boats!

Hollywood Studios….

Tower of Terror. Hilarious!

Back to Animal Kingdom to see our cousins, Aunt, and Bunny!

These cousins are best friends every time they see each other! It’s adorable!

The boys loved doing the Animal Kingdom scavenger hunt!

They rode the “Yeti” ride a hundred times! I rode it just a couple…. Photopass pics, again Hilar!

They rode a few other rides too but “Yeti” was the fave!

Sisters! I love mom and Aunt Marylee! So great to see them have fun together!

Pool day!

Cousins…. and a boyfriend.

Then back at it! Epcot!!!

Disney bus rides…. oh boy!

Hollywood Studios, and coffee.

margaritas in Epcot!

And giant blurry donuts….

And before we knew it we were back on the airplane headed home…. We had a memorial for my dad while we were gone. I will make a separate post for it later.

Until next time Florida!

Fright Fest, Jason’s Bday, and more.

October 10th, 2016

We bought annual tickets for Six Flags, so we thought we might as well see what Fright Fest was all about. Jayden was not a fan of the random zombies…. I really wasn’t either. Some followed us, not a big deal, but there were a couple that over stepped their bounds a little. Darn teens! I’m showing my age I’m sure.

Anyway, the weather was perfect and we had a good time.

The electric chair. He’s hilarious!

We celebrated Jason’s birthday! Happy Birthday daddy!

We went to the annual Koi show at Bass Pro shop again this year…. we came home with a few goldfish this time.

Jayden has been having a blast playing flag football with his buddies!

I somehow jumped a curb on the way out of the flag football parking lot and killed my tire. Ugh. Jason to the rescue!

Baseball, still going strong!

We finally got around to carving our pumpkins!

The “clown sightings” around town inspired Peyton to come up with his own costume this year. He’s hilarious! He ended up putting “clown lives matter” on his shirt. Oh boy, this preteen thing is fun!

Sweet kittens. Can’t get enough!

Big Pumpkins at the Patch

October 1st, 2016

It is so funny, no matter how big boys get they are still kids at heart. I couldn’t believe how excited they were when I asked if they wanted to go to the pumpkin patch. They were probably the biggest kids there but they had a blast, so that is all that mattered to me. I loved seeing them run around. Enjoy it boys! This adulting thing is for the birds.

and later, HOT TUBBIN’

Playdates for everyone

September 30th, 2016

Michelle had the day off so we took full advantage by going antiquing and having lunch. We did not plan the matching shirts…. Great minds think alike!

We shopped until school let out…. then it was playdate time for the boys.

5th graders!

3rd graders!

Super fun!

See you at the Pole

September 28th, 2016

A friend of mine organized a “See you at the Pole” morning at school. We got there early and met at the flag pole to pray for our country and our school. Each child was given a verse to read. They were all so good and read with confidence. Such a great way to start the day!

I went back up to school to have lunch with them. 5th and 3rd grade never looked so good!

Gas Monkey

September 25th, 2016

My brother came in from California for a few days. He wanted to visit the Gas Monkey garage in Dallas. Peyton had a blast seeing all of the cars and looking through the shop. Thanks Uncle Tim for the tshirt and cap!

Big League Dreams

September 24th, 2016

Peyton’s baseball team had a big tournament weekend. A couple of the games were played at the Big League Dreams field in Mansfield. They had a great time and the games were exciting to watch. Even with the humid weather and at times thunderstorms, it was all worth it! Good job Warriors!

Happy Birthday in Heaven Dad

September 14th, 2016

Here we are spending another one of his birthdays without him. I honestly can’t believe we’ve made it this far. It amazes me I can still function without having him here. It hasn’t been easy. God is pulling us through it most days.

I bought balloons for him this morning. I drove around and gave one to my mom, some of my friends, and put one on my sister’s front porch. We all celebrated dad in our own way. It would have been his 86th birthday.

When I stopped by my parent’s house, mom had decorated for Dad’s birthday just like she used to when he was alive. So sweet!

She told me later she let the balloon go in her backyard for dad.

I dropped Brook’s balloon off on her porch.

I gave one to my friend Michelle too. She later sent me a video of her balloon release in her backyard. I just love my friends and family!

When the boys got home from school they wrote notes to Poppy, then we walked to the park to release them. It was emotional for all of us. We miss him so much.

Happy Birthday Dad! We love and miss you so much!

So, it’s been awhile

September 12th, 2016

Here we are again and it’s been forever since I emptied my phone! I cant believe how fast the days go! Anyway, back in August Peyton turned 11, school started, and we’ve been busy! These pictures are not in any order whatsoever!

We helped our church hand out free t-shirts…. Fun for the whole family!

Peyton made a ramp in the backyard to jump his bike and scooter. I told him he needed to protect himself, so this happened….

Falling has never been so funny!

Did I post this cousin picture already? I don’t know but Happy Birthday Peyton, 6 months ago!

Apparently we had Peyton blow out candles on his pancakes…. Happy Bday, again!

Family game night.

Hot tub fun.

Jayden joined a summer basketball league with his buddies. They had a blast and did awesome.

Technology playdate…. I don’t get it.

And snacks for the 3rd graders.

This is the kind of playdate I DO understand!

Guess where we’re headed….

Go Rangers!

Have I mentioned we had our master bath remodeled? Super fun.

Our shower is greatness!

When you get home from a Chuck E Cheese party.

One of my favorite part of the holidays is pumpkin spice. Loving Target for this!

Date night at a new restaurant, Craft & Crab!

So good!

I just love having my favorite people over! Always a great time!

I also love how close my mom and Jason’s dad are.

Michelle and I love antique shopping and refurbishing things for our house. Someday we will have time to open a store and antique shop for a living. A girl can always dream! Michelle made this shirt for our future biz. Although the name MAY BE changed to Pretty Chippy…. There is video, and it’s super.

Good Things

September 10th, 2016

There is a store on main street Grapevine that is one of our favorites. We can’t go to Grapevine without browsing through Good Things For All Seasons. They always have the cutest seasonal stuff and the Dept 56 Christmas and Halloween display in the back of the store is greatness! I can’t tear Jayden away from it when we visit.

The creator of Dept 56 was at the store for a few hours so we took a couple of our “spooky town” water towers to get them signed. It was packed!

Our “spooky town” is looking awesome!


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