Happy 8th Birthday Jayden!

August 25th, 2015

Im a little behind on my blog, and things are a little out of order too…. Jayden’s birthday came and went, then my dad died shortly after. The last month of summer was a blur. Im playing catch up now.

Jayden had his annual birthday wake up cupcake….



Both boys were excited for Jayden to open his presents this morning. It was a minion kinda day!


Minion Mac & Cheese!


And other minion things…. and legos too!




A picture with the birthday boy!


A visit to the hospital to celebrate with Bunny & Poppy….


A minion sleeping bag! Thank you Bunny & Poppy!


Feel better Poppy! We love you!



Minion movie time! Jayden brought his minions to watch themselves on the big screen….



And dinner at Jayden’s favorite restaurant…. Mexican Inn!

(We look nothing alike!)


One large guac with a spoon please!


Cake and a few more presents with Gpa!



Happy Birthday Jayden! We love you!


bunk bed brother sleep over

August 24th, 2015

Peyton and Jayden decided they’d have a sleep over in Jayden’s room since it was the night before Jay’s 8th birthday…. Lots of talking and giggles were happening but they finally wore themselves out and went to sleep.


The original obit….

August 9th, 2015

This is the original obituary my cousin Keith wrote for my dad…. It was condensed after hearing how much it would cost (and after hearing Dad’s voice in our head saying “feed ’em a fish head!”

Dad did so many amazing things with his life. Please read through the whole thing! He’s an amazing person!

James Hampton Fisher, 84, passed away on Saturday, July 25, at his home in Fort Worth, Texas, with his family present.
Jim lived a long and exciting life. During his time on earth he raced cars, flew airplanes all over the world, was a scratch golfer, hunted and fished, was an expert builder of model trains and had time to be a wonderful husband, father and grandfather.
Jim was born on September 14, 1930 in Athens, Tennessee. He graduated from Central High School in 1949. After high school he enter the United States Air Force. He served as a crew chief on the Convair B-36 “Peacemaker” and was stationed at Carswell Air Force based in Fort Worth, Texas. The B-36 was the largest mass-produced piston engine aircraft ever made. After his discharge from the Air Force he briefly returned to his hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee and worked for Dupont Chemical Company.
Within a year American Airlines came calling. He joined the company in 1955 as a mechanic at Amon Carter Field. In January 1956 he became a Flight Engineer. According to Jim, “back in the old days” the Captains would let the Flight Engineers fly the plane if they had a pilot’s license. He enjoyed flying the DC-6, DC-7 and the Lockheed Electra both as a Pilot and as a Flight Engineer. He then qualified as a Flight Engineer on the Convair 980 and B-707 and became a check airman in 1964 while being based out of New York. In 1967 he moved back to Fort Worth and was in the flight training department for the B-707. In 1971 he became the first DC-10 Flight Engineer Check Airman and assisted in writing the training programs and procedures for that fleet. His most satisfying assignment was to rewrite the DC-10 “Minimum Equipment List” manual that resulted in many improvements in operating procedures. This was a one man, five month project that resulted in FAA approval. In 1986 he accepted a position as DC-10 / B-747 Flight Engineer Fleet Supervisor, Flight Training. During the course of his ‘line flying experience” that totals over 18,000 hours, he was the flight engineer on five “World Record” flights in the B-707 and DC-10.
During his time in New York, he met the love of his life, Barbara Ann Timmerman. He courted her for several months before proposing to her on a plane ride home after a vacation to Bermuda. She accepted and they were married on October 31, 1964. They lived in New York for three years before moving to their permanent home in Fort Worth, Texas in 1967. They were married for over fifty years.
Upon retirement at age 62, he continued his flying career as a consultant to the Minebea Corporation. He was in charge of crew training and airplane certification on the DC- 10. He traveled throughout Europe and Southeast Asia during his time with the company.
In his spare time, he built a large HO-gauge model railroad layout that was based on his boyhood days living in Athens, Tennessee. He also played golf and had three hole in ones during his career. He enjoyed traveling all over the country playing golf. His two favorite places to play were his hometown of Chattanooga in which he and his family played many fun rounds of golf which included several trips to the State father-son tournaments. His other home away from home was Orange Lake Country Club in Kissimmee, Florida in which he owned a time share condo (2280) for over thirty years. It became a place for yearly family reunions during Halloween week and created many wonderful memories for all of his and Barbara’s families. Golf during the day and drinks on the patio at night became the yearly theme.
He was preceded in death by his mother, Pauline Hampton Fisher and his father, John William Fisher Jr (Jay).
He is survived by his loving wife, Barbara, and children, Tim (Christina), Brook Young (Dale), Mandy Mester (Jason) and Meagan Valfre (Mike). He had three children from a previous marriage, Jim Fisher, John Fisher and Stacia Fisher.
Jim was also known as “Poppy” to sixteen grandchildren.

Dad’s obituary…. “Do something nice for someone today”

August 1st, 2015

It was so hard to see this today….

Dad, 2015

last words

July 31st, 2015

I’m forever changed but grateful for the time I had with my dad. He always made time for me. Taught me the importance of family, to hold on tight, make time for each other. Before he died he told me he loved me, he was proud of me, of my boys and Jason. I saw my dad take his last breath. Feeling blessed I was there, but sad it’s over. I can honestly say I have no regrets when I think of him. I’m leaning on my three guys a lot this week…. So thankful for my dad and that he talked me into coming on this trip. I miss you dad and can’t wait to see you again someday!

South Padre, 2015

forever changed

July 26th, 2015

For those of you who have asked, there will not be a service for Dad. He didn’t want one and we are respecting his wishes. Yesterday, as sad as it was to say goodbye and be with him in his final hours, it was very quiet, and peaceful. We prayed over dad reading John 14, saying the Lord’s Prayer, and sang Amazing Grace. The Chaplin and hospice nurses were amazing and very respectful. I can’t express enough how blessed I feel that I was there and had not left on vacation yet. Dad has always been so good to me, I am forever grateful. God was, and is, with us, He is amazing always!
Last night was the hardest, longest night ever. I can’t believe Dad is gone. I miss him so much I can’t breathe. We are postponing our trip one day so we can see family who are flying in today. I can’t thank you enough for all of the prayers and sweet comments. I read through them all late last night. please keep the prayers coming. We are going to need them for a long time. I’ve never felt so sad and lost before, but I know dad is so happy now.
We love and miss you so much Dad.

Dad, 2015

Jesus come now.

July 26th, 2015

Jason and the boys were waiting up for me when I got home last night. Peyton hugged me tight when I walked in. (After I called Jason yesterday, he sat the boys down and told them Poppy died. The boys were really sad…. They read John 14 together.) I dont really remember much after walking in the door…. We were all really quiet, and somehow made it to bed. I was a mess most of the night. So much anxiety. It was awful. I remember feeling so blessed I was with dad when he died, but so sad I saw him take his last breath. It breaks my heart every time I think about it.

We were supposed to leave for our road trip early this morning but everything was kind of put on hold. I just really wanted to see my mom, brother, and sister again…. And to be around my dads stuff. We drove to my parents house and spent a little while with my family. My mom pretty much pushed us out the door telling us to go, that nothing was going to happen while we were gone…. It was so hard to leave but I knew she was right.

One of the last things my dad told me before he died was: Go on your trip, enjoy your boys, life goes on….

I don’t want to. I want to be with my dad. I want to rewind time, go back, start over 46 years ago. My dad gave us everything we could have ever asked for. I can’t believe he’s gone.

Dad is home. He is well. We miss him so much….

July 25th, 2015

Jason and I took the boys to see my Dad this morning. He was at home. Hospice was there. (The doctors had started dad on morphine before he left the hospital two days ago.). Dad had a good day yesterday. He was happy to be home, although not exactly how any of us wanted, but he was home. A hospice bed in the place of his favorite chair. Dad lay there. His puppy Toh-Toh laying with him. Not really able to do much but watch golf. He loves his golf. He asked me to take a picture of him wearing his Grumpy cap. “Make sure you get Toh-Toh in the picture.” I only had my phone with me. I took one picture then dad asked me to take his oxygen tube off, then to take another. I did. He was smiling. He was in a good mood…. Shortly after that his mood changed. He was mad. Not happy at all. The nurses told us it was the effects of the morphine. It was scary how fast his mood changed.

This morning was a different story. Dad was sleeping pretty deeply. Jason and I tried to explain to the boys on the way there how different it would be when we got to Bunny & Poppy’s house. The bed in the living room, the nurses, how Poppy just needed to be as comfortable as possible now. We even bought Poppy a Wendy’s frosty on the drive there, another favorite. Dad had been eating them every day. When we got to my parent’s house I put the frosty in the fridge, dad was sleeping. Jason and I and stood with the boys as they said hi to Poppy while he was sleeping. I gave dad a kiss on his forehead. (Ive been doing it for years, when I see him and when I say goodbye). Dad never woke up while we were there this morning. I had already decided I would go back to see mom and dad later this afternoon after we took the boys home. Jason worked for a few hours after we got home, about 2:00pm I headed back to my parents house by myself. Praying the whole time.

Dad was still asleep when I got there. The nurses were doing paperwork at the table. It was quiet, music was playing, Frank Sanatra or something…. My parents love the oldies. I noticed Dad looked different. Paler than this morning. He was doing a breathing treatment. He did a few a day. But this time he fell asleep with it on him. I asked the nurse if I could take it off of him. It was empty. Dad looked so tired. It couldn’t be comfortable sleeping with that thing on. So she helped me take it off of him. My mom, big sister, and brother were there. It was different now. I think we all felt it.

I’m not sure how much time had passed but Dad woke up for a minute, he had something in his throat. A weird raddle noise. It wasn’t comfortable. He couldn’t talk. Just a noise from his throat. I watched the nurse, she made a phone call, another nurse (Phillis) rang the doorbell. (I met her this morning. I liked her). After she checked dad over, (I noticed her checking his feet…. more about that later) she asked mom for the ‘Magic Box’ or something like that. It was special medicine that was kept in the fridge. Not to be opened. Only by the head nurse. Mom, only leaving dad’s bedside when she needed to, went to the fridge got the box, then helped the nurse give dad whatever the medicine was. It went under his tongue. I couldn’t watch. I knew it was going to help him, but also knew it I didn’t like what was happening. The medicine calmed dad’s throat. The rattle noise lessened.

A little more time had passed…. Dad looked pale. I was scared. As much as I didn’t want to ask, but needed to know…. I asked the nurse “Is this as good as it gets?” She knew what I meant. Dad wasn’t talking to anyone anymore. He was quiet. Too quiet. I checked his feet and hands. I saw it coming. I was terrified, scared. I knew.

I asked the nurse if she thought he would make it much longer, or if she thought that this was it. I can’t remember exactly what I asked her, but she understood…. gave me a look like she didnt know how to put it into words…. What she did say is: Is your family here? Is everyone here that is close? I nodded. She then told all of us that Dad would not be able to talk to us anymore. That whatever we wanted to say to him we needed to say it now. He can hear you, but won’t respond. I quickly called my sister who had stepped out to run an errand. I called Jason too.

I told mom what the nurse had said. Not knowing if mom heard her or didn’t want to believe what was going on. Mom was by dads bedside (as always). My brother and I stepped aside letting mom be alone to talk to dad. It breaks my heart every time I think about her leaning over whispering in his ear, saying her last words to him. I couldn’t hear what she said. But I know. She loves him, always will. They spent more than 50 years together.

Mom later told me she told him to let go. That it was ok for him to go. She loves him so much. She talked to him a lot… loving words, she loves him so, so much. Mom went to the couch, sat down and cried.

I talked to dad. Telling him I loved him. He didn’t have to worry anymore, that everything is ok and we are going to take care of mom for him. He always told all of us kids to watch over her for him. He loves her so much.

I love him so much. I can’t breathe when I think about it. If it was possible to die of a broken heart we all would have gone with dad today.

I went to mom. She looked so small and frail sitting on the couch. She was so sad, talking to me. Asking how she was going to go on without him. I helped mom to dads bedside. We were only a few steps from him. but I just wanted us to be closer to him.

Mom & I stood next to dad’s bedside, watching his chest slowly go up and down. His breaths got further and further apart. It was quiet, only music playing. I really don’t know how we knew to go to him when we did, but once we were next to him we held his hand as the nurse checked his heart rate.

Standing with my mom, we saw it happen…. dad took his last breaths. They were slow. Quiet. After the last breath (4:37pm) the nurse nodded her head. He was gone. It was awful.

Mom and I just cried. My brother hugged us. After that it was a blur for awhile. Dad lay in the living room. We would all still whisper to him. Hug him. Cry.

I met my sister in the front yard. She came back from her errands to check on dad. I had to tell her dad was gone. It was awful. She was so sad saying she didn’t get to talk to him. She went inside to see him…. Talked to him. Cried and hugged on him.

We had promised dad a vodka tonic the day before. Which he never got…. We mentioned it to the nurse. She made it happen. We love her more for it. Cheers dad. Enjoy. You’re free. Healthy. We love you! Salute!

The Chaplin came and prayed with us. He asked questions about dads life, read John 14, said the Lords Prayer, and we sang Amazing Grace. He was so good for us. The nurses were good too. We couldn’t have asked for anything more. Dad was home. He is well. We miss him so much already.

The funeral home came to take him. They got him ready, we waited in the other room. They wheeled him in. It was awful. Mom whispered to him. Kissed him. Touched his hair. Everyone had a chance to say a final goodbye. I lay my head on his chest. I kissed his forehead…. for the last time. My heart broke.

They wheeled him out. My mom asked me where they were taking him. She stepped outside. I watched my mom wave to him as they drove him away. God be with her please.

I remember walking back into the house. Mom was with me. We passed the empty hospice bed. Mom quietly said how much she didnt like it. Wanted it gone. My brother, sister, and I disassbled it as fast as we could. Took it to the garage. My brother quickly put dads favorite chair back where it belonged. We watched mom put dads blanket on the back of it, with his Grumpy hat on top. We sat in the living room with dads empty chair. My brother made vodka tonics (dads favorite) for all of us. We toasted in dads honor. (I only took one sip, knowing I had to drive home.) Dad is healthy now. Walking on his own. Happy. Alive in his eternal home. We miss him. Always will.

Hours later. (It was late). Mom was tired, worn out. We all were. We talked a lot. Cried a lot. Lots of memories, but It was time to drive home. Life was moving on. (How, why? Jesus come now please.) I got into my car. I forgot how to drive. I was numb. I’m not sure how I made it.

I miss him so much I can’t breathe.
Please pray. Pray for all of us, especially for my mom.
We love you dad! You were (are) everything to us! You always will be.

Jayden’s 8th Birthday interview

July 15th, 2015

1. What is your job going to be when you grow up? Dig up Dinosaur bones

2. Who are your best friends? Christian, Body, Patrick, Lincoln, Walker, Ali, Isaac, and my cousins

3. What do you like to do with your friends? Nerf wars

4. What food do you like best? Mac & Cheese

5. What do you like best about school? Doing math and science


6. What do you like to do with Mommy? Play everything and hug mommy

7. What do you like to do with Daddy? Play basketball

8. What do you love to do most? Jurassic World Legos

9. What is your favorite color? Blue and green

10. What do you love most about yourself? Im funny

11. If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? Spend it on Legos

12. What is your Grandmother’s name? Bunny

13. What do you think your brother will be when he grows up? A famous guitar player

14. What does daddy do best? Cooking

15. What is Mommy good at? Taking care of me

16. What do you like best about your mommy? That she loves me

17. What do you like most about Daddy? I get to see him at school

18. How strong is your Dad? He can lift 50 lbs!


19. What is your Mommy’s favorite thing to do? See Poppy

20. What time does Mommy wake up in the morning? 3:40

21. When does Daddy go to sleep? After he says good night to me

22. What are you afraid of? The dark

23. What are you proud of? When I graduated preschool

24. If you were to get anything you want, what would you ask for? to have a good family

25. What is the healthiest thing you can eat? Strawberries

26. What is your morning routine? Say hi to Mommy, go to the bathroom, watch tv

27. Give me an example of a good deed? Soccer

28. Tell me a knock knock joke….
Knock, Knock
Who’s there?
Minion’s Jurassic World.

Dear Jayden,

July 15th, 2015

Dear Jayden,
Its the night before your 8th birthday and right now you and Peyton are giggling in your bunk bed together. Both of you begged to sleep in the same room tonight, a first of many I am sure!

I can’t believe how fast 8 years have gone. You are an amazing little boy and really came out of your shell this year. You have so many friends, it’s hard for you to pick a favorite.


You did really well in first grade and can’t wait to start 2nd. Math is your favorite subject, you love counting and talking about numbers. You are amazed that numbers never stop.


Ducks are still your favorite animal, you still love mac & cheese, and you are still the best at wearing your clothes inside out and/or backwards!


I love how independent you are, but still need me and ask for hugs. (Your hugs from the back are the best!) Although independent, you can be shy, you don’t like all the attention on you, unless it’s your birthday or a special day.



I will always love the dimple on your cheek, which seems to get deeper and cuter the bigger you get. I love your jokes and your many questions you ask throughout the day.


You love your Daddy, adore your Gpa, and pray for Poppy all the time. It’s been a difficult time for Poppy, but you’re handling it really well. Youre such a loving little boy!


I love your good nights to me as I walk out of your room, and how you ask for Ducky to be wrapped in sheekie before bed. I love your prayers and how much you love God.


Happy Birthday sweet boy! Have a fun 8th year! We love you so much!


Keep God in your heart.
Love, Mommy


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